Joshua Burkert is currently based in the city of Munich, located in beautiful Germany. His work includes cinematography, photography and digital media. Joshua is also founder of Beyond Matter Studio and Raumtour which offer high quality 3D & VR visualizations as well as bringing new technology into the online real estate, art & entertainment market.

Burger House | Commercial Video

Commercial video showcasing the quality of the meat and ingredients that go into a burger at Burger House.

Fairer Handel | Campaign Video

Political awareness campaign, shot in Augsburg, Germany.
Shot on Red Gemini with Lomo anamorphic lenses.

UHD | 1:44 min | 2019
Director: Markus Erhart | Cinematographer: Joshua Burkert | Music: Jo Braun-Laventzaki & Chris Pitsch | Production & Idea: elfgenpick

Alife and Kickin | Commercial

The 2019 summer TV commercial for the German fashion brand Alife and Kickin.

UHD | 10s | 2019
Director/Producer: Markus Erhart
Cinematographer/Editor: Joshua Burkert
VFX: Chris Römer

Hugendubel Escape Room | Commercial

This commercial follows Heinrich through the Hugendubel store who is being followed by his own evil. Promoting the opening of the Hugendubel Escape Room in Munich, Germany. Shot on Red Epic Dragon with Lomo anamorphic lenses.

UHD | 63s | 2019
Cast: Heinrich – Vedran Lovric, Heinrich (voice) – Albert BozesanCrew: Director: Albert Bozesan | Cinematographer: Joshua Burkert | Music and Sound: Chrisna Lungala | Editing/VFX: Robert Sladeczek | Production: Robert Sladeczek, Albert Bozesan

Nice Price | commercial

"Nice Price - Bis and Ende der Welt" is a commercial production for Sony Music in cooperation with the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.
The clip was running in all of Germany's Saturn and Media Markt stores.

30s | UHD 4K
Producer: Julia Zon, Michael Tremmel, Chris Roemer | Director: Chris Roemer | D.o.P.: Joshua Burkert | Cast: Ludwig Wüst

Lederwerker | commercial

LEDERWERKER is an epic commercial series about a modern day armorer who prepares to fight the dark evil which is lingering in the surrounding woods of the small village.

UHD 4K | 2018
Director/Editor: Chris Roemer
Cinematographer/Colorist: Joshua Burkert
Customer: Lederwerker

Doritos - Mom? | commercial

Crash the Super Bowl semifinalist for the Doritos Super Bowl XLIX ad campaign.

30 sec | 2K
Director: Markus Erhart
Cinematographer/Colorist: Joshua Burkert

Brennberg | feature

BRENNBERG is the portrait of the eponymous former coal mining village located on what once used to be the Iron Curtain. Empty spaces, singular, ghostlike figures and a bunch of animals inhabit the place. Yet, there is also the joy of music and the legend of a man in the forest finding coal. The film shows the banality of the village life as well as it searches for traces of its history. Somewhere in-between the fire is still burning.

28 min | 4:3 | 2K | Release 2018
Director/Producer: Patrick Holzapfel
Cinematographer/Colorist: Joshua Burkert
Producer: Katya Korotaeva
Editor: Patrick Holzapfel / Joshua Burkert
Audio Design: Andrew Mottl
Filmed on location in Brennberg, Hungary.

Edition 9 | commercial

EDITION 9 is a video about a prestigious residential project in the heart of Munich by the EUROBODEN architectural company.

Fragmente einer Trauerarbeit | feature

FRAGMENTS OF GRIEVING tells the story of three friends that try to overcome the loss of their best friend Patrick. It is a film about knowing where to go after someone close died. It documents the attempt of three friends to find a fiction that will help them to overcome their loss. The film shows how feelings of mourning are always related to fiction.

The West | personal

Las Vegas/California.
Shot on Hasselblad 503cm, 6x6 medium format color negatives

Don't Pentax My Palmtree | personal

Kauai/Molokai/O'ahu, Hawaii.
Shot on Pentax MX, 35mm black and white negatives

Los Angeles | personal

Southern California.
Shot on Full Frame 35mm digital capture.
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