General info
Munich, Germany
Joshua works as a cinematographer, film editor and photographer for film and commercial productions. He is also Founder of Beyond Matter Studio, an independent visualization studio based in Munich, Germany and Raumtour. His personal work consists mostly of medium format analog photography observing the irony of people and places throughout the world.
Munich, Germany
Director of Photography, Editor
"Brennberg" (2017, in post) | DoP, E
Fiction, 90min

 "Lederwerker" (2016, in post) | DoP

 "Fragmente einer Trauerarbeit" (2014) | DoP, E
Fiction, 52min

Doritos "Mom?" (2014) | DoP, E
Commercial, 30sec

Puma Anti Racist Campaign (2013) | DoP, E
Commercial, 30sec

"Nastasja Doesn't Smoke" (2013) | DoP, E
Fiction, 6min

"Es ist mehr ein Gefühl" (2013) | E
Fiction, 17min

"Zum Eiffelturm" (2012) | DoP, E
Fiction, 15min

"L'amour Est Impossible" (2012) | DoP, E
Fiction, 16min

"Paradox" (2010) | DoP, E
Documentary, 22min
Commercial Work
BMW Burger King Hugendubel ALIFE AND KICKIN eAqua Unicef
Philip Morris International
G. Henle Verlag
Euroboden GmbH
Volkstheater München
Städtische Kliniken München
FOAG & Lemkau GmbH
Elfgenpick GmbH
eGym GmbH
Excellence Cluster Universe
Moonstruck Entertainment
Kreativ Instinkt Gbr
Munich, Germany
Sep 2010 - Jul 2014
Photography, Film and Design
Federation of European Photographers Young Students Award 2011

"Fragmente einer Trauerarbeit" - Official Selection of the Diagonale Film Festival 2016
Virtual Reality
Joshua was CEO & Cofounder of Hexkraft GmbH and helped develop an immersice virtual desktop and workspace application.

Since 2017 He is Founder & CEO of Beyond Matter Studio, an independant Virtual Reality Studio focused on high quality VR visualization for architecture, transportation, product design and entertainment.

Beyond Matter also offers virtual online tours for the real estate and hotel market and traditional photorealistic 3D renderings and compositings.